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Small Business Day Special

BZFilmz 5 Hour Music Video Shoot + 3 free HOURS

Regular Price $800.00 usd. you save $300.00 usd.

Take advantage of this Full Day Music Video Special While Dates Are Available.

$500.00 usd. effective November 24th 2015 - December 30th 2015

directing • filming • editing

2 - 3 week turnaround on edit

*Rate does not cover travel expenses for areas outside of Southern California

If you need to secure a certain day for your shoot before payment 

Send Name, Date Request, Phone Number and MP3/WAV of Song to

A representative will contact you within 24 hours of request.

Music Video Must be shot before December 30th, 2015.


SBD Music Video Shoot

By providing these Services at the affordable rate stated.

We can not include treatment development and consultation for this package.

Take advantage of your shoot by

1. Preparing a treatment or written plan on what you want the music video to look like. This plan should be organized by scenes and locations with a time schedule.

2. Find locations that bring out the theme of the song or that would look awesome on camera. Take pictures of the locations and write down the address so you can remember what the location looks like. This will also help the director and cinematographer carry out your vision and bring it to life. Get proper written permission to shoot on someone’s property.

3. If you have your own models, actors, make up artists and background extras to participate in your music video, my advice would be is to pay them even if they are a friend. Everyone’s time and talent is valuable in getting the most out of your shoot.

4. Make sure everyone involved knows what time they are expected to shoot. The clock starts once the camera starts rolling. If you have more than 1 location try to have it close keeping in mind that the clock is still rolling.

The shoot is over once the last take is finished of your selected time frame.

You can add more time in durations of 30 minutes or hourly. if more time is available.

You can purchase more at your link sent to your email after purchase.