BZ Filmz

Music Video Production

We produce professional broadcast ready music videos in full HD at reasonable rates custom fit for each and every client. BZfilmz music video work has been featured on sites such as, snoop dog’s underground heat,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, & more. We have an efficient turnaround of up to 2 - 3 weeks when first rough draft of music video is available for client viewing. 818 - 626 - 2838 l

ill Camille feat. Iman Omari - Live it Up - made #1 video on Snoop Dogg's Underground Heat ep. 15

ill Camille - The Tip Off - with cameos from DJ Shanx & Chuck Dizzle

ill Camille - Touché feat. Preston Harris - featured on Sway's Universe Website

TJ Santana feat. Allen Paris - My Luv - Leading role played by GiGi Gibson with cameos from Big2daboy & more.

Young West Tantrum - Smoke & She Gotta Gun - starring The Brooks Twins (Simfany & Shelly)

Collarossi, Big2daboy, E3 aka Baby Eazy & L.V. (South Central Cartel) - See Me - starring Jay Kalin

Goast - #First Class - Starring Melissa Benz & Jarez with cameos from Coolio, Jackie Chain & more

Jarez feat Selina Albright - You Said - starring Dawn Gun & Young West Tantrum

Jarez - Coming For You - starring Rosemary Lopez

Jarez - Take My Time - starring Sierra Brooks

Da Giantz feat. Mighty Mo Rodgers, LC Johnson, Noa James, Aliso Black & more

Kimmi Chandon - I Was Born 

Goast feat Treach of Naughty by Nature & AI (Coolio's Son) - Bitch Niggaz

Goast - Stupid Dumb - with cameos from DJ2High, Bo Roc & more

We have worked on projects with Aloe Blacc, ill Camille, Suga Free, Noa James, Treach of Naughty By Nature, Ras Kass, Spider Loc, Mighty Mo Rodgers, Paperboy, OFTB, The Hughes Corporation, Coolio, Big2daboy, Patrice Fisher, OG Cuicide, The Brooks Twins Shelly & Simfany, LV (South Central Cartel), E3 aka Baby Eazy E, Collarossi, Six Million, Red Rum, LC Johnson, Young Hoggs, Moe Z MD, Kimmi Chandon, Afro Soul, Doc Hollywood, Melissa Benz, Cornbread, Maya Jupiter, Half Dead (DPG), Maylay Sage, T-Mazz, Magnificent Ruffians, Goast, Aliso Black, Maurice Gainen, DJ Carisma, Iman Omari, Micah Scale, Wyz Propane, Mrs Black Dyamond, Ai (Coolio's son), Compton TSA, Dahliam, Mister CR, Blaq Thompson, Marla G, Birdz of Prey, BLB (Mr 2Face), Enstinctz, Blood Shott, Eastwood, D-Pone, Blu Nyle, Jaye Nyce & more. 

Suga Free - ill Camille - Dahliam - Meet Me At The Twist - with cameos from Lady Lane, 4 Duece, Big2daboy & more

TSA (TJ Santana), Big2daboy, Six Million & Young Shame - Born & Raised in Compton

TSA (TJ Santana) - This Friday

J.ANN - What i Do It Foe - featuring scenes from "Mom's Burgers" in Compton Ca home of the Chronic Burger

Ca$hum Inn feat Poke Su - Well (RIP) - Regulate/M.O.B.

Amante Da Prez feat Ca$hum Inn - Pull Up

Poke Su - Well feat G-Boy & Spider Loc - City Of Anglez

               Unique - Yes

Kimmi Chandon - One Eye Open

Wyz Propane - Alibi 2 + I Believe

Wyz Propane - All I See - starring Mrs Black Dyamond #MBD

Cornbread - Cornbreads The Name - Starring Erica Elyon

Cornbread feat Aloe Blacc & Maya Jupiter - Relaxin'

Dillon Scott - Fallin - Starring D'Lannie Brown

Mister CR - Extras - Starring Little Lorena

Dirty Birdy - Shoot The Wings - with cameos from Christy DaBootay, Kool Boy, Mz Tasti & more

Aliso Black - Hard Cheese - with cameos from Epademik, Big2daboy, Lost Poet & more

Dpone - This Lifestyle (64 Barz) - featured on WestCoastRydaz and HipHopsince1987

Flos'sae - Get Ready - with cameos from Camilla Poindexter, Big2daboy, Ke'aira Roberson & more

K Capital feat Big2daboy - Six 4 Hot - with cameos from Tha Hookstah, Next Level Car Club & more

Big2daboy & Lil Half Dead (DPG) - Bigger Picture - produced by West Coast Stone

Big2daboy - Neva & Puttin it Down In The CPT - with cameos from OG Cuicide, Snoopy Blue, Mister 1 & more

Big2daboy feat Ramon - Real Life - with cameos from OG Daddy V, Flos'sae, Big Loc Thiese & more

Big2daboy - Pain in the Music - with cameos from Timtation, Bricc$, Lady Gudda & more

Big2daboy feat Young Gold - Goodbye - with cameo from Lil 2da

Big2daboy feat Blaq Thompson - We Gonna Miss U - with cameos from Wiz Propane, G Flame & more

Big2daboy feat Ramon - Kush Kingdom

Big2daboy feat Young Gold - Trilogy - with cameos from Jessica Lee, E West, LiL Major & more

Big2da feat Killa Cane - Rule Da World - with cameos from Bo Roc, Lil G, TSA, Jayo Felony & more

Antahlyzah & Owbese - Strangers of The Night/Lost In A Labyrinth

Owbese feat Bejus Christ - Rap Lessons

Owbese - Intro - Produced by ICBM

Owbese - Barz - Produced by ICBM

Magnificent Ruffians + ENOD = FireWater - Crazy

Magnificent Ruffians & Enstinctz - Til I Retire - with cameos from E Sweets, Guzzilla & more

Magnificent Ruffians & Owbese - Sewer Water

BLB - Turn That Thang Up - Produced by Tony Touch

Brittney Be - Toilet Bowl Dance - feat cameos from Tommy The Clown Dancers

Jaye Nyce ft. Mike Williams - Sucker For Love - cameos from DJ Carisma, Patrice Fisher, Flos'sae, Marla G & more

Oracle Jayne Doe ft Queen Kandi Cole & Dawn Gun - Lets Move 

Micah Scale - Street Life & Get Em

Micah Scale - Gwappington

Micah Scale - Can't Stop Me  

Micah Scale - I'm Nice

Zag Zigga - Ratchet City - Starring Swaglyn Monroe with Cameos from Ms Lady, Juda Starr & more

SB Saprano feat Automatik - Real Ratchet - with cameos from Young Laydbac, J Boogie & more

B Starrz - Get it - Starring Marcellia'