BZ Filmz


Need more than 2 hours? No Problem.

You can book this current special

 up to 5 hours.

add an additional $100.00 usd. per hour

(amount of hours must be determined

before shoot date)

These music videos where shot in

5 hours or less

ill camille ft Preston Harris - Touche'

K-Capitol ft Big2daboy - Six 4 Hot

Ras Kass - Kanye Moment

Wyz Propane - Alibi 2 & I Believe

Dillon Scott (LYD) - Fallin

Big2daboy - I Don't need You

Young Shame X Geechi Gotti - Iz They Bangin?

Boss Reece ft Killa Cane - Things Ain't The Same

Magnificent Ruffians ft Owbese - Sewer Water

Big2daboy X Wyz Propane X Timtation intro by Danny Myers -

What My Grind Like 

Oracle Jayne Doe ft Queen Kandi Cole & Dawn Gun -

Let's Move

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