BZFilmz March Madness Video Special

• Calculate - Basic Pre Production Meeting Preparing for Shoot.

• Capture - Film Scenes, Performance, B Roll & Inserts.

• Create – Edit Footage in final phase of Music Video Production.


Client agrees to pay BZFilmz $200.00 usd to Direct, Film & Edit Music Video within the guidelines agreed

upon by client & BZFilmz. BZFilmz reserves the right to finish video shoot when necessary aspects of production have been fulfilled.

The $200.00 usd fee must be paid in full before Pre Production Meeting and Video Shoot.

Client retains 1 re-edit session after viewing rough draft.

Any further re-edits are $100.00 per session.

$200.00 Video Shoot Fee & Re-edit fees are NON REFUNDABLE

This special engagement will be available for the Month of March 2017. All shoots must be done in the month of March 2017. Book your shoot today.



March Madness Video Special

* $10 processing fee if paying via paypal