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Instagram recently launched IGTV a separate app

that allows you to upload VERTICAL videos

up to 10 minutes for standard instagram accounts

and up to an hour for selected instagram accounts.

IGTV although a separate app

is connected to your instagram page,

allowing you to watch IGTV while on instagram.


Youtube and IGTV are similar apps

which allow you to upload and watch video content.

These two apps have several differences

but the main difference is the way you view videos.

Youtube videos are displayed Horizontal and Vertical.

IGTV videos are displayed exclusively Vertical.

Vertical Video Content

With billions of users

instagram is making an attempt to revolutionize

the way we not only view

but direct, shoot and edit video and visual content.

Cinematographers, Videographers Photographers,

Editors, Directors, Producers,

Artists, Gaffers, Bloggers and the list goes on

now have an opportunity to create and pioneer

in this new space of Vertical Video Content.

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