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Production Based Music Video


A production based music video is composed of a full crew providing the necessary tools such as treatment development, production design, models, background extras, make up artists, craft services, locations, sound studios, props, production assistants, motion graphics and more custom fit for your video shoot.

HOW MUCH? Cost is determined by Submission form BELOW

@BZFilmz Music Video Production Submission Form

You can copy and paste these questions with answers into the body of an email or download one of these forms fill it out then email it to

Microsoft Word BZFilmz_Music_Video_Production_Submission_Form.docx 

Apple TextEdit BZFilmz_Music_Video_Submission_Form.rtf

1. How did you hear about our services? __________________________

2. Do you have a set date when the music video will be published? Yes__ No__ If so when? ____________

3. Do you have a budget or a set amount of money that you would like to invest into your music video project? Yes__ No__

If so what is that amount? ____________

4. Do you have a music video treatment? (a treatment is your best effort in defining your project, presenting a clear synopsis of your story, developing your production and organizing its purpose. The goal of a music video treatment is to write and form a document that defines the video's concepts and summarizes it through words and visual images)

5. Do you have location(s) Yes___ No___

and the permission to shoot at the location(s)? Yes___ No___

6. Does your video shoot require a soundstage? Yes___ No___

7. Does your video shoot require a white cyc background drop? Yes___ No__

8. Does your video shoot require a green/blue screen set up? Yes___ No___

9. Do you need a Make Up Artist (MUA) for the shoot? Yes___ No___

10. Do you need a Barber and or Hair Stylist for the shoot? Yes___ No___

11. Do you need any Models, Actors, Dancer(s) or Background Extras for the shoot? Yes___ No___

12. Do you need a Drone for the shoot? Yes___ No___

13. Do you need a car mount for the shoot? Yes___ No___

14. Do you need craft services (catering) for the shoot? Yes__ No __

15. Are there any special effects or motion graphics needed in the editing? Yes___ No___

16. Any special notes or requests? ______________________________________________________


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