BZ Filmz


Email us

1. your vision and concept

of how you want the

music video to be

(it's okay if you don't have

any ideas yet or even just a little)

you can send links of other

music videos as examples as well.

2. mp3 or wav of song

3. Lyric sheet of song

(email of song hook verses and speaking parts)

and we will come up with a budget

based upon what is needed to

execute the concept and treatment

of your music video project.

These music videos

were full production music video shoots.

West Tantrum - Smoke & She Gotta Gun

Goast - Stupid Dumb

Goast - First Class

Selina Albright - Highest High

Eleven The Artist - Throwback

Jarez ft Selina Albright - You Said

Jarez - Take My Time 

Jarez - Coming For You 

Flos'sae - Get Ready 

Owbese - Purple Monster

Marshall "BZ" Blue l 818.626.2838 l