March 5th, 2016 LABATTLEGROUNDZ presents LA BEEF #2 THA LINE UPS

2700 ROSE AVE, SIGNAL HILL CA 90755 4pm - 10pm

BZFilmz has partnered with LABATTLEGROUNDZ

In producing the visual content for this BATTLE RAP EVENT.


Main Event Battles:


B Dot vs Danny Myers - 3 rounds 3 min

Daylyt vs Real Talk - 3 rounds 3 min 

The level of lyricism and intellect me and B Dot will bring vs each other has never been seen before. Both of us could die if we approach this wrong, but whatever happens...yall will witness something legendary. This may be both of our last battle ever, and neither of us is trying to go out with a loss. This will require my fullest power!!!! Y'all think y'all seen me rap? Not yet!!! *Thunder and dark clouds and rain comes from no where as I read from Gargamels spell book*

This battle with B Dot has brought me back the excitement of this game! Clips had jokes, Swave will bring bully talk and angles, but B Dot brings a entirely different set of skills which will challenge the very fabric of the MC in me. This is a challenge of the mind. This is more mental strategy than just being about bringing bars. This is why I battle rap, its the fear of the unknown, knowing I could die that drives me. If you are not willing to die in that ring...why even bother to battle rap? I can tell you now, lyrically, 2016, no battle will trump me and B Dot. None. This battle isn't just about us trying to beat each other, but it represents two men on a mission to fight against the bias and prejudices against the West Coast. Will this epic clash of the gods receive it's just due, or will it get swept under the rug because it's not on a "bigger platform"? In the end what will it all mean? *somewhere Beazt Gatlin is smiling Danny Myers

Special guest performances by Ras Kass, Iman Europe Big2daboy & Mister CR in between rounds.

Dre Vishiss vs Stricc - 3 rounds 3 min


Eloh Stackz vs Da Kid Clutch - 3 rounds 3 min


Linc vs Hemi 3 rounds - 3 min


Mani Mula vs Columbo Black - 3 rounds 2 min


Mycall Million vs RA - 3 rounds 2 min


Fiji Osa vs Saynt  - 3 rounds 3 min


Fly King I vs Perfecto - 3 rounds 2 min


Boney B Crazy vs J Sense - 3 round 2 min


Element Rhymes vs Money - 3 rounds 2 min


Nomad vs Billy Boondocks - 3 rounds 2 min


CDF (CatchDatFade #LABG Tryout Division)


Phat Boi Rell vs Boss Don Chris - 3 rounds 2 min


Renegade vs King Hit - 3 Rounds 2 min


Los Angeles Battlegroundz is a community based organization, formed in 2011 as a alternate way of expression for at risk youth and young troubled adults by one of hip hops core elements called (battlerap) It also bridges the gap between black n brown as a form of gang prevention. Labg first made history not only as being the first battle rap division in Los Angeles county but as being the first to have a tryout battle event at the legendary watts towers which was such a success that Watts Towers employees, fans, battle rappers and community leaders still today mention this positive event. That situation paved the way for more great events like the DVLABG event which is all about shedding light and educating people on domestic violence and how damaging it is to the community. Labg continues to grow strong and give employment and travel opportunities to young adults who prior never been off their front porch our motto is (wereuseethem1st) most of the top elite West Coast battle rappers got their start at Labattlegroundz and who are now what the battle rap culture calls top tier and they travel all over the world competing with other battle rappers. Battle Rap is one of the last true forms of freedom of speech these kids need a voice and we are the vehicle that drives it #LABG.


Hip Hop • Spoken Word • Theatre • Poetry • Improv • Therapy

The Last True Platform of Freedom of Speech

Battle Rap in most recent years has gained heightened national and worldwide media attention from shows like Empire incorporating battle rap scenes from the street corner to the small grimey club and then to the production stage.

Battle Rap is significant not only for Hip Hop but for the fact that it celebrates and champion’s freedom of speech. What other platform can rappers go head to head without having to be politically correct but at the same time being challenged, cheered or booed openly while engaged in competition.

Hip Hop Legends such as Cassidy, Canibus, Keith Murray, Fedro Starr & Joe Budden have even stepped into the battle rap scene. Some to no avail while some further engrave their legacy in Hip Hop.

This is where reality tv meets real life, this is where legends are born or the careers of the weak get slain.

Loaded Lux in a recent interview with said B Dot is thought provoking.

Battle Rap has also been featured on Fox News with a segment featuring Smack of URL and Tsu Surf.

Shaquille Oneal and Kenny Smith recently gave Battle Rap a shout out, specifically Murda Mook and Shotgun Suge who recently battled MBD at the La Battle Groundz Oct-to-Bar-Fest Event.

Battle Rap like Sports has several leagues worldwide. Most of the leagues operate independently of  each other breeding their own league favorites and skillful battlers. This creates a gladiator feel as the best battlers from different leagues come to clash with each other on neutral grounds or on their own home turf.

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